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MP750 Hydraulic Strut

The MP750 is a high load capacity strut and is capable of resisting design loads up to 11,000kN.  The strut consists of a central low pressure hydraulic ram unit with a 500mm stroke for fine length adjustment on site. Once installed, load is resisted by a twin screw mechanical locking system. The unit also incorporates an advanced high pressure hydraulic nut system to aid installation, high level pre-stressing (if required) and subsequent removal of the strut under residual load.

MP750s can be used with either 1.2m dia “Super Tube” (UK market use) or 1m dia “Euro Tube” (EU market use) extensions tubes. All flange connections comprise a ring of 16 No. M30 bolts. A combination of various extension tubes are capable of achieving large spans without intermediate support; subject to loading requirements.

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