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Hydrauliska stämp och strävor

Groundforce has built a reputation as a first class market leader by developing seven core business elements. Each division was formed to serve the entire construction industry by offering specialist solutions in Shoring Equipment, Trench Boxes, Piling Equipment, Pile Croppers, Pipe Stoppers, Temporary Bridges and Industry Wide Training Courses. The divisions operate throughout the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. A commitment to developing our vast product range means Groundforce’s customers can be certain of innovative products and a comprehensive service.

MP150 Hydraulic Struts

The MP150 is a modular format medium-duty hydraulically activated strut.

MP250 Hydraulic Strut

The MP250 is a modular format high load capacity hydraulic strut combining the compressive strength.

MP60 Mechanical Strut

The MP60 is a modular format medium-duty mechanically adjustable strut.

MP750 Hydraulic Strut

The MP750 is a high load capacity strut and is capable of resisting design loads up to 11,000kN. 

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