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EdgeSafe is a lightweight mesh barrier system designed to provide light duty edge protection to a trench box, sheeted or timbered excavations. It can be used on short or long continuous runs and has been designed in accordance with BS EN 13374: 2004 Class A.

  • 1.8m and 2.7m long panels and 90° corner panels
  • Kick board to prevent debris dislodgement
  • Fits most trench boxes sheets and piles
  • Long, continuous runs achievable
  • Simple, adjustable clamping arrangement
  • Cost effective, light weight and easy to erect
  • Optional clamps to prevent accidental uplift

The system provides a protective barrier to help prevent falls from height into excavations. Note: It should not be used to restrain or support loads.

The system can be used on most trench sheet and steel pile profiles up to 25mm thick, on box panels up to 170mm plate thickness and on walls up to 565mm thick.

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