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MP250 Hydraulic Strut

The MP250 is a modular format high load capacity hydraulic strut combining the compressive strength of steel tube with the convenience of hydraulic actuation for length adjustment and pre-loading potential. Swivel end bearing units allow for various strutting alignments within an excavation, with or without waling beams.

  • MP250 struts combines the strength of steel tubes with the convenience of hydraulic adjustment.
  • Hydraulic units can be used with super tube extensions to achieve clear spans up to 48.0m, depending on loading conditions.
  • Swivel end bearing plates provide a zero moment end connection and can articulate laterally up to 45° for knee brace and raking applications.
  • Provides 1m of double acting hydraulic adjustment with integral lock-off valve for simple zero fluid loss installation and removal techniques.
  • Individual struts can be fitted with the Groundforce wireless, fully automated, load monitoring system.

MP250 struts use 610mm diameter tubular sections as the main structural member. At shorter spans, the hydraulic capacity limits the axial load and at longer spans, the potential for lateral buckling of the extension sections dictates overall axial capacity.

The MP250 has a practical operating range of 3.1m to 25.0m without intermediate support and can withstand working loads up to 250 tonnes at shorter spans. For higher load / longer span applications, it is possible to combine the MP250 hydraulic unit with 1220mm (super tube) diameter extension pieces, using appropriate adaptor pieces.

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